Professional Communications

Inmate Phone Calls

  • Inmates in general population are permitted to make phone calls at any time they are out of their cell.
  • Inmates in restricted housing will be allowed phone calls at the request of the attorney or other professional contact.
  • Phone calls will be billed collect and recorded unless your phone number has been added to the no-charge/no-record list.
  • In order to be added to the no-charge/no-record list, your number must be verified. Please reach out to our inmate telephone administrator at
  • If you need to schedule an inmate call, please send an email to

Professional Visitation

  • Professional visits are conducted either on-site or remotely. Professional visits are neither recorded or monitored.
  • For on-site visits, come to the lobby during normal business hours.
  • In order to visit remotely, please follow the steps below:
    • Click here for ICSolution's Web Portal
    • If you have not registered previously, enter the information requested under the Create Account box.
    • After you register, send an email to to verify your professional credentials.
    • Once you are verified, follow the link above to sign in and schedule video visits.
    • We request that you schedule remote visits at least a day before your visit. If you need to conduct a same day remote visit, please call the facility lobby at 804-524-6600, extension 6020.
    • Professional visits are conducted on a first come, first served basis.
  • If you have technical issues, please call 888-506-8407.

Legal Mail

  • Legal mail should be sent directly to the jail and addressed as follows:

Riverside Regional Jail
John Doe #12345
500 FOLAR Trail
North Prince George, VA 23860