Riverside Regional Jail Reentry Council

The Riverside Regional Jail Reentry Council (RRAC) Returned April 22, 2021:

In order to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus; but still provide reentry services and support the offenders here at Riverside Regional Jail, a small group of council members were invited to return in person to our council and a few zoomed in.

Some of the agencies represented: Serenity, HYPE Counseling Service, City of Refuge, Focused Outreach, Atlantic Outreach, Central Virginia Health Services, Petersburg Probation and Parole, Open Door Inc., Real Life, Behavioral Health Awareness, Merakey, and Department of Criminal Justice Services.

The group had refreshments and enjoyed a few giveaways as we shared ways to continue collaborating and providing services during the Pandemic. All shared resources. It was a great time!

May 11, 2021